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Dear Parents & Athletes

By AYFA & Howard FC, 02/07/23, 7:15PM CST


Parents and Athletes:

We have been talking to the students/athletes during our training sessions about the most effective ways to have continued growth as young athletes. Working out and being involved in multiple sports helps their growth as an athlete, but they need to create the trifecta of training principles to have maximal growth. We do hope they have come home and have had conversations about these discussions.

The Trifecta:

Consistent Workouts throughout the year, pre-season, during the season, and post-season. Learning about the differences in training and participating and competing in multiple sports and activities.

Sleep - Adolescents/High School age athletes need to have 9.25 hours of sleep. The body grows, repairs, and refuels the most during the hours 7-9 of sleep. We have been encouraging the athletes to be away from screens by 8:30 pm as part of a routine to wind down for sleep.

Nutrition: Here are some fantastic links that help guide young athletes and parents through the nutritional needs that athletes need to have in their diet during the day, prior to working out, and most importantly post workout. Proper Hydration is key to great health growth as well. The athletes can tell you how they know if they are properly hydrated.